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Nov 26, 2009 6:00pm EST
to most of the north eastern united states it is a murky, cloudy, foggy pattern and damp from the last couple of days from precipitation. there is better weather building into the southern united states. right now clear skies across alabama up through georgia into north carolina. that headed our way. it takes another 24-hours to get here. this storm system over michigan will take its time moving north and east of us. there is another low off the coast spinning cloud cover our way. it all adds up to another damp start tomorrow morning. probably steady rain overnight tonight. if you head out early for the black friday shopping you'll find damp conditions and fog. better weather tomorrow afternoon. here it is in detail. showers overnight tonight. stops tomorrow morning at 10:00. most of the rain out of here. we'll clear out friday afternoon. into the overnight period friday into saturday we'll push the cloud cover out to sea. we are left with nice, dry conditions&looks like a blue sky day on saturday. that will last into most of sunday, as well. 42 tonight. cloudy skies. drizzle. fog. all
Nov 5, 2009 6:00pm EST
post in the united states. home to about 52,000 troops as of earlier this year. >> stay with for continuing coverage of the mass shooting at fort hood. we will continue to follow this story. when we get updates we will bring them to you. you can get continuing updays on through route the night. stay tuned for world news coming up at 6:30. >>> a big question, who is to blame? the children of a baltimore city fire cadet trained in an exercise several years ago have been denied death benefits. the u.s. justice say they denied the claim because the city fire department didn't fill out the proper paper work. the fire department says they have done everything right. >> reporter: the mayor and fire chief had explain dog after a $300,000 federal benefit was denied to the family of rachel wilson. she was the fire cadet killed in 2007 when she was trapped in a burning home during a training exercise. >> we are still engaged and involving be making sure that the family gets whatever it is possible that they are able to. >> under a federal plan children are eligible for
Nov 10, 2009 6:00pm EST
the eastern seaboard of the united states. cockeysville 60. 62 elders purring. 60 reason rock hall. 58 in arnold. tonight, cloudy skies, a few showers very late tonight. actually after midnight. we'll see an overnight low of 50 degrees. during the day tomorrow drizzle, light rain but the things to remember about tomorrow, it will be breezy from the northeast 15 to 20 gifting as high as 50 miles per hour. there's the cloudy skies and scattered showers there. thursday, a chance of scattered showers. then friday, saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday things looking pretty good as things start to increase. as a matter of fact, i think even on thursday you might see some scattered showers early but i think you'll see some afternoon sunshine. the nice thing, moderate temperatures remain. see you tonight at 11:00. >>> disease and injuries put millions of children in the hospital every year. many of those kids end up at johns hopkins children's center. as cheryl conner shows us some of them are helping the center pass on the gift of life. >> reporter: don't know what to get your dad for christm
Nov 13, 2009 6:00pm EST
of people as the waterfowl capital of the united states. and the waterfowl festival and hunting in general is just a major tradition to a lot of people that live here. >> you'll see anything from waterfowl art. there's actually fishing, hunting, they have the dock dog championships here. >> get it, get it, get it, get it! oh, yeah! >> beautiful drive. >> it gives you an opportunity to meet new outfitters, call makers. i've won seven goose calling championships. at a young age, i got involved with it. i have always enjoyed doing it. goose hunting is primarily my favorite thing to do. it will talk back to you. i get a kick out of it. it's a lot of fun. the fact of being able to be in the outdoors and just enjoy what god had given us and you know, i always tell everybody, my favorite thing is watching the world wake up every morning and putting the world to bed. being outdoors is the most important thing to me beside my family, of course. what better way to spend live other than being outdoors and hanging out with the animals? >> josh is a seven time world champion. tonight, he will be going
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4